The Kolmac Foundation provides financial assistance and support to current Kolmac Outpatient Recovery Center patients to help achieve life-long recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs.  As of February 2016, the Foundation has provided financial support to more than 330 patients. After completing the Rehabilitation phase of treatment at Kolmac, many patients have depleted their insurance benefits.  To make the gift of recovery available to as many people as possible, the Foundation provides financial support to allow these patients to complete the Continuing Care phase of treatment when lack of money would otherwise have led to leaving prematurely.  Priority in scholarship awards is given to individuals who demonstrate a sincere commitment to long-term care and the recovery process and to those who are most likely to contribute positively to their communities in the future, bringing hope to others suffering from the disease of addiction.

The Kolmac Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit corporation managed by a board of trustees and operated wholly by volunteers.  The foundation provides no compensation, monetary or otherwise, for any work performed on its behalf.  The foundation was formed as the result of a remarkable gift from a former Kolmac patient.